DW Projects represents the artistic output of theatre maker David Williams and collaborators – works of social relevance, aesthetic rigour and emotional impact. Based around research, interviews, transcripts and public documents, DW Projects creates truly unique performances that open spaces for public conversation around matters of civic and political importance. Surprising, engaging, and elegantly constructed, the theatre of DW Projects explores contemporary social life in all its complexity, messiness, beauty, and strangeness.

Since 2013, DW Projects has been developing a suite of works that explores ideas of belief and belonging. The first of these, QUIET FAITH, explored the complex entanglements of religious faith and civic engagement. QUIET FAITH premiered in 2014, toured in 2015, and will continue to tour in future years. The second of these works, SMURF IN WANDERLAND, explores football fandom and geographic belonging in the city of Sydney, and is currently in development ahead of a 2017 premiere. The third, REALLY BIG DEMOCRACY, investigates the complex experiences of citizens of so-called ‘democratic’ nations. This is a multi-country collaboration with Budapest-based political theatre company PanoDrama, and commenced R&D in November 2015.

Whilst this suite of works remains incomplete, I am beginning to develop the next trilogy of works for DW Projects. In its simplest formulation, this new suite of works (2018-2021) will explore life and work, focusing on the institutional relationships that shape human experiences. ONLY PLAYERS (in development 2017) forms the first part of this trilogy, and will undertake interviews with high school English teachers about their experience of teaching Shakespeare in order to critique the increasing devaluing of non-economic human experience in education systems. A second work, INTERNAL MANAGEMENT CHANGE (2018), will explore the human impacts of small and large redundancies driven by drastic changes in industries and labour markets. The third work is yet untitled, but will explore shifts in the health sector, particularly surrounding end-of-life care.